We get asked often for good books to read about Paleo or good websites to look at. These are a few that we frequently use or have enjoyed reading that are a good place to start if you are just beginning your paleo/primal journey 🙂


The Primal Blueprint
by Mark Sissons (Amazon link)
Super awesome book that explains the primal lifestyle and its benefits.

The Paleo Solution
by Robb Wolf (Amazon link)
Brilliant book that explains in an honest and cheeky fashion the how’s and why’s behind paleo. A super read!

Primal Body, Primal Mind
by Nora Gedgaudas (Amazon link)
If you’re into the science (and there is masses of it) behind eating primal then this is the book for you. Really interesting and very detailed, certainly opened my eyes.

Practical Paleo
by Diane Sanfilippo (Amazon link)
Our favourite book for explaining the paleo jargon and covers many associated gut conditions including suggested meal plans for each. Has lots of fab recipes.

The Food Lovers Make it Paleo
by Bill Staley and Hayley Mason (Amazon link)
Lovely paleo recipes and meal ideas for different occasions.  

Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook
by Sarah Fragoso (Amazon link)
Again great recipes and helpful suggestions for transitioning your kids to paleo.

Paleo Comfort Foods
by Julie & Charles Mayfield (Amazon link)
Good wholesome recipes and a nice story (intro to the book).

Well Fed 
by Melissa Joulwan (Amazon link)
Lovely new cookbook for Paleo peeps with great recipe instructions and meal suggestions. Lovely pics.

Books that I very much want: The Paleo Approach by Sarah Ballantyne (pre-order), OMG That’s Paleo by Juli Bauer, The Paleo Diet Revised by Loren Cordain, Against All Grain by Danielle Walker, Gather, the Art of Paleo Entertaining by Bill Staley and Hayley Mason, Beyond Bacon by Stacy Toth and Matthew McCarry.


So many websites and so little time!
Mark Sissons website full of lots of resources and a fantastic well read and commented blog. Most definitely the primal go-to guy.
Super paleo expert Rob Wolf! Fab resources, blog and podcasts. He is definitely the paleo go-to guy.
This is a great website for easy to understand paleo science, recipes, family advice and podcasts from Sarah Ballantyne.
Brilliant recipes that make your mouth water plus every recipe accompanied by amusing commentary by Juli Bauer.
Super recipes and photography. Lots of these I have bookmarked to make at home. How I wish she (Michelle Tam) lived here and would cook for me lol.
Huge website from Diane Sanfilippo, Liz Wolfe and Charissa Talbot. Loads of paleo resources, blogs and podcasts. Great podcasts.
Gorgeous recipes by Danielle Walker, lots of really yummy things to bake and cook.
Website by parents Stacy Toth and Matthew McCarry with a great blog, resources and recipes. Lots of advice about gut conditions and getting kids to eat paleo.
Not wholly paleo it’s roots lie in great recipes for food allergies but more recently loads of fantastic paleo recipes have started to appear.  Our favourite bread recipe comes from Elana’s site.
Free-from recipe site by Brittany Angell – some super grain free recipes, not always wholly paleo or primal but she offers some great ingredient substitutions. And she tests her recipes over and over until they are right.