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primal chicken ratatouille

Our most delicious Ratatouille

To be honest I always thought I did not, absolutely did not like ratatouille.  I have vague recollections of eating it as a kid and thinking ‘yuk gross yuk’.  Who knows why, just too vege tasting??!! We started making a version of this recipe a few weeks ago to add to Mike’s work lunches.  Cooking […]

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primal chicken sweet potato dauphinoise

Sweet Potato Dauphinoise

This is just one of the yummiest things I have ever eaten. Fortunately we can eat sweet potato following the primal framework. We have both loved it as kids, though in New Zealand it is called kumera and here in the UK, sweet potato. Both our girls love it to so we love finding new […]

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Cheese and Tuna Egg Frittata’s

Especially for Neets!  These have become a new favourite made every week and filled with all sorts of ingredients. Our girls favourite is cheese and tuna and these have become the replacement for sandwiches in their school lunches. We were never sure what to call these as the non-paleo version that we used to make […]

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Easter Crafts: Chocolate Egg Nests

We love chocolate so we’ve decided to make some chocolate egg nests for Easter.  We used a recipe out of the Easter Issue of the  Morrisons supermarket magazine.   Recipe: 5 large Morrisons Neat Wheat 150 grams milk chocolate 50 grams butter 6 teaspoon golden syrup 36 mini eggs (yum     We started by […]

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