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Chocolate Brownies

Chocolate brownie is a staple in our house, particularly for my girls lunch boxes.  This recipe is totally delicious and even better anyone I’ve served it to hasn’t even questioned whether this is one of our ‘weird’ paleo recipe lol. It’s a little more cakey than traditional non-primal brownie but still has a moist consistency. […]

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More Sweet Potato Dauphinoise

Sweet Potato Dauphinoise – amazing soft and creamy layered sweet potato, bacon, cream and garlic with a smattering of cheese on top. What is not to love!   PrintSweet Potato Dauphinoise Ingredients3 medium sweet potatoes (weight approx 450 gm) 300 ml cream 2 garlic cloves (crushed) 4 rashers of chopped bacon (we use smoked streaky) […]

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Camera 360

Berry and Fried Donut Pudding

Sounds good right! Fresh berries, fried donuts, cream – yum yum yum.  I couldn’t think of a better name for this pudding but as many of my recipes seem to be these days, this is the result of a happy accident.   The girls camped out in the back garden the other night and since […]

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primal chicken fresh beetroot

Freshly plucked beetroot salad

First beetroot harvest today – yeehaa!! Can’t believe it, they actually grew despite my absolutely rubbish basic gardening skills such as just keeping them watered!  We planted four varieties of beetroot so long ago now that I can’t even remember what they are.  I’ll describe by colour, normal red, white, yellow and there was meant […]

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