Homemade Chicken Feed

Primal Chicken - Preparing our homemade chicken feed mixAfter reading several books by Joel Salatin (see below) and others we’ve decided to ditch our processed chicken pellets and mix up our own feed.

We had started a while ago by supplementing a portion of the chicken pellets with wheat, however, further research has shown that wheat alone won’t give our lovely chickens all the vitamins and minerals that they need to be super healthy birds. And as we’re working towards permaculture principles our aim is to optimise levels of nutrients across the board as it all feeds into the same system right!

So here’s Mike mixing up the first batch. We’d like to also add kelp meal to this feed but we’re still finding a source for that!


Our mix includes:

  • wheat
  • oats
  • corn
  • chicken spice
  • grit including mixed grit purchased and broken eggshells dried and crushed here at home
  • diatom (DE)
  • fishmeal
  • sunflower bird seed mix

Primal Chicken homemade chicken feedWe’re using approximate figures from one of Joel’s books to calculate the proportion of each so our hens will be getting the right amount of macro and micro nutrients from their food. I should also mention that they forage like crazy in our compost piles and in the grass and straw around their coops so get plenty of good nutrients that way too.

We are still looking at other protein sources such as soybean husks or meal – a byproduct from oil production and legumes like peas and beans. But we need to understand first how each of these sources are produced and whether they will be suitable for our chickens.

Our happy chickens will soon be laying super charged eggs, pooping super poop to nourish the soil and our table birds will not only be tasty but full of proper chicken goodness.

Joel Salatin’s book that we’ve been reading:

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