New poultry grass for our chickens

Our chicken runs have taken a beating over the winter and haven’t recovered at all. We’ve tried planting with normal lawn seed and it just hasn’t worked. This spring we’ve decided to try a specialist grass seed mix to see if this will produce a hardier grass that will better take the foracious appetites of our birds!

We’ve chosen the Diverse Poultry Pasture grass seed mix for the birds because quite frankly it sounds delicious with its blend of hardy grasses, clovers and foraging herbs.  It will be a gourmet salad bar for our wee flock!

We plan to divvy up the chicken space to allow the grass time to grow. We’ll try and remember to post pics throughout the process.

Primal Chicken New poultry grass seed for chicken area

Update – 1 month later

The grass is growing beautifully and we’ve finally let the chickens onto a part of it. It’s lush and green and we’ve just let nature do it’s thing – ie. forgotten to water it! The birds are so far keeping it nice and trim and haven’t demolished it yet. We’re also supplementing their ‘green’ food with some sprouted wheat but that’s another blog post for another day.

We are going to fence off the other areas around the chicken coop and try and bring back more nutritious grass for our lovely birds. Here’s some pics.

Primal Chicken New Grass for our Chickens

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