Permaculture Chickens Kickstarter Project

Mike came across this fantastic Kickstarter Project that we’re really excited about. Wanting to manage our own smallholding oneday, we lap up any information that we find on the internet to help us on our way. Justin Rhodes (from Abundant Permaculture), whose Kickstarter Project it is, sums it up nicely in this intro video, when you’re starting out and when you don’t come from a farming background it can be really difficult to make your way with the internet only as a resource. So he’s producing a film to fill the gap for those of us without the guiding help of an actual human when it comes to all things ‘smallholding’. It looks really promising and he’s got some great people on board to provide really helpful and hands-on advice like Joel Salatin from Polyface Farms. Honestly we can’t tell you how excited we are. If you have any interest at all in finding out more about ‘raising chickens with nature from hatching to the plate (and everything in between), then you’ll want to back this awesome Kickstarter Project.

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