The Polytunnel is complete!

So excited! The polytunnel is complete and ready to be fitted with its raised beds, potting table and plants!

The polytunnel itself from First Polytunnels was a Christmas present to ourselves. It arrived very promptly and was packaged flat-pack style but with everything labelled so that we could very easily identify the parts required for each instruction. Plus it came with a lovely welcome pack with lots of goodies including two polytunnel gardening books that I know will come in very useful seeing we are production garden newbies! Also wanted to say thanks to their weekend team for helping us out one cold wet Sunday afternoon when we encountered a little hiccup. One text and phone call later, got it all sorted. Thanks, amazing customer service!

We started construction on Boxing Day feeling more than a little heartened as the instructions indicated a weekend was all that was needed with two industrious people. Yes I include myself in that team of two!

However this wasn’t to be thanks to the lovely cold weather and they fact that we had to go back to work. So between typical term time family weekend activities, bad weather and just general mooching about (a skill picked up over Christmas and one that I am desperate not to ‘unlearn’) it has taken us four weekends to get it finished. And it looks amazing.

Mike is out there right now, it is a bright clear Sunday afternoon and a chilly -2 degrees but Mr T is down to a t-shirt, manually sawing out chunks of the raised bed timber frames so that they fit nicely around the bolts holding the polytunnel to the ground. And we are encouraged by the fact that today’s frost, perhaps the thickest we’ve seen since winter started DIDN’T coat the ground in the polytunnel. So yes, we are very excited at the prospect of enjoying some of our favourite vegetables all the year round.

We’re aiming to use the polytunnel as part of our overall mission to create a permaculture led production system in the back garden and we’ll post more on our progress as we continue.

For now, I’m posting a few pics below showing the polytunnel build, partly to convince any urban family that you can do this yourselves and because I still can’t believe that got one in the back garden.

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