Primal Diary – 16 months in

Still loving it! We’ve just had our second Christmas eating primal and this time it worked out very well. Very well indeed. I didn’t give in this year and buy any chocolate assortment boxes! Though to be honest I did have a couple of strawberry creams here and there when at friend’s house. Otherwise we ate pretty well.  Christmas Day we had our usual roast duck with all the trimmings, plus this year I found a great almond flour crust/pie base in Danielle Walker’s Against All Grain cookbook that I used to make mince tarts and jam tarts. These we’ve continued to make and the girls take them to school in their pack ups. This year again we made the Christmas Cake from Elana’s Pantry – it is so good and so worth boiling the orange for! I sent Mike to work with extra’s for his work mates and we got great feedback! All the puddings and treats we made were as clean as possible as well and this year in the girls’ stockings I even found a few different dark chocolate treats on the internet to buy them.

Alas they still received several chocolate selection boxes as presents (a lot of which was taken into Mike’s work) and we loosened off a little with the girls being able to eat these. So much so that the eczema returned on BOTH of them! Suddenly about two weeks after Christmas Day, our eldest appeared with rashes on her elbows and back of knees, and our youngest had a sudden flare around her nose and mouth. They ate no grains/gluten over the holidays that we were aware of so we’ve just assumed that the additional sugar (though not a patch on what they’ve eaten over previous Christmas’s) has been enough to create this reaction 🙁 Maybe there was gluten in some of the ‘normal’ sweets and chocolates?? Anyhoo, it has been a good lesson for all of us.

Otherwise, we’re all still feeling pretty good. Mike has muscled upwith his weight lifting programme (and for the first time is years weighs lots more than me)  and is generally happy with our things are going. I’ve finally gotten down to a size 10 – so pleased and have stayed this size since about October so yah!!  Still having issues with sleep. Have tried all sorts. Just purchased a mattress topper to see if that helps – mostly the trouble is with falling asleep. Plus to help, as I had completely stopped any formal exercise since the girls went back to school in September, I’ve joined a gym! I’ve started the 5×5 weight programme that Mike does to see if improving my fitness will help.  We didn’t do the Tough Mudder last year as I just thought I wasn’t fit enough and Mike didn’t want to do it on his own, maybe we’ll be able to do it this year so fitness is important this year! And I’m drinking more water – I don’t drink much I’ve noticed so maybe that’s a factor in not sleeping. I guess time will tell.

I guess to summarise, the last few months have been the best of my life, I turned 40 and had a blast with Mike and the girls doing fantastic outdoors adventuring in the Lake District, I have a whole new wardrobe of clothes. Varicose vein is still behaving itself, my skin is clear and I know it’s still early days but I still can’t imagine going back to way we were eating before paleo. The more I read and learn about this lifestyle, the more I can’t believe that it’s not mainstream. We have found a way to be healthy using the paleo/primal methods as guidelines to get more out of life. We are not purists and can see that going forward it will still be about tweaking things here and there and really listening to the way that our bodies respond to the different foods we are eating.  Right. It is time to stop I am just blabbing now. So sorry. 

Happy new year to everyone!

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