Permaculture has arrived at the Urban Chicken

So we can’t actually pinpoint when and where we first heard about permaculture but we’re completely sold on the idea.  Who wouldn’t be?? I can’t quite understand why, after reading all about it and watching loads of online video’s – Geoff Lawton’s are fantastic if you’re interested – people aren’t getting into this mainstream. Who doesn’t want loads of fresh produce straight from their own garden. Permaculture methods allow for abundance in all types of growing conditions and after a little maintenance the gardens (mimicking nature’s own systems) thrive with little interference.

Anyway, below is a little summary about Permaculture and we’ve decided to take part in Geoff Lawton’s Online Permaculture Design Course (PDC) to extend our knowledge and hopefully give us loads of information to really get this going.

What is Permaculture?

It’s an ethical framework for creating sustainable, productive and environmentally friendly agriculture systems and ways of living based upon natural eco-systems and patterns. It’s about taking what nature does very well by itself and applying those principles to our methods of producing sustainable self-sufficiency. It’s about getting more for less and having a powerful and positive effect on the environment for the generations to come.

What we really love about permaculture is that we help nature produce the healthiest soil in order to produce the most nutrient dense produce that creates an ongoing pattern of abundance and health. It’s definitely true to say that I find it really hard to put into words myself.

I’ve listed some links below that will hopefully explain it much better than I have! And have a look at the video as well.

The Permaculture Association


Permaculture Magazine

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