Chorizo and Sausage Breakfast Fry Up

primal chicken girls surfingCan you believe that I am sat at the beach typing away on my laptop in the car while my girls have a surfing lesson??!! As it’s during the school holidays and I’ve already taken three, yes I said three, weeks off work, I thought it best that I at least work an hour or two while they are being entertained by the gusty surf and their very large and unwieldy surfboards.

This recipe is the very happy result of a ‘leftover’ breakfast that has become a fast favourite for Mike and me.  It all started with some burgers that I’d made after watching one of those free ‘primal’ online video’s that had been on a week previous. The Primal Palate duo were making beef burgers named Coffee Break Sliders. Their seasoning sounded so off the wall that I decided to have a go myself, it being a combination of ground coffee and their current favourite ‘Adobo’ seasoning.

Not being able to find their recipe online, it must be in the one cookbook of theirs that I don’t own #impossiblyavidcookbookcollector that I looked at a few others online as a reference and concocted my own. I’ve noted the ingredients below but bear in mind they may not be exactly as Primal Palate use.   We made the burgers and OMG they were fantastic and even though we tried we couldn’t eat them all.

adobo breakfast fryup paleo primalBring on the breakfast ‘leftover’ fry up! I love that being #primal means I don’t have to shy away from a decent weekend fried to the max meal!!  Here’s what our fry up included. Leftover Primal Cheese Buns (recipe from the PrimalGirl – absolutely amazing but that is another blog post), finely diced chorizo, leftover onions from the BBQ, chopped up tomato, a little bit of bacon (what fry up doesn’t include bacon!), and chunks of leftover coffee/adobo burgers.  We fried all these ingredients up in a little pan, in a little butter and bacon fat (any #primal fat will do). And when it was all nice and golden I added a little salt and pepper, a light sprinkling of cheese and then, the genius part, cracked a couple of eggs on top and put a lid on it for a few minutes.

Heaven on a plate. It smelt amazing and was just so tasty. We’ve made it again with other leftovers, using things like sausage, sweet potato, roast meat, ratatouille, and when I haven’t used the coffee seasoned burgers I have added a liberal sprinkling of adobo seasoning and coffee grounds.  Definitely our go to breakfast now.

Coffee & Adobo Breakfast Fry Up
Amazing paleo/primal fry up of leftovers that could be adapted very easily to suit your own paleo/primal way of eating 🙂
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1-2 cups of leftovers (we used)
  1. Meat burgers roughly chopped
  2. Large tomato roughly chopped
  3. 1-2 slices bacon roughly chopped
  4. Chorizo small handful finely chopped
  5. Fried onion maybe a tablespoon
  6. 1 1/2 Primal Cheese buns roughly chopped
  7. 2 eggs
  8. Pepper to season.
  9. Fat for frying - however you like it
  1. Fried the bread, chorizo, bacon and burger bits in the pan (using butter and bacon fat)
  2. As they crisped up, I added the tomato and onion and mixed all together
  3. When everything looked good and fried together, I cracked two eggs over the top and put a lid on the pan
  4. 2-3 minutes later, the eggs were cooked and it was ready to eat!
  1. We've made this many times, when I don't have cheese buns, I simply add a slice or two of our paleo bread, roughly chop and fry, plus I will add a small handful of grated cheese about halfway through the cooking. If I don't have leftover meat that has used Adobo seasoning as it's rub, here's how I make it. 1 Tbsp salt, 1/2 Tbsp Oregano, 1/2 Tbsp Onion Powder, 1/2 Tbsp Garlic Powder, and 1 tsp tumeric. I sprinkle some of this over the fry up. Also I often will add a sprinkle of coffee grounds as well. Truly amazing.
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