Berry and Fried Donut Pudding

Sounds good right! Fresh berries, fried donuts, cream – yum yum yum. 

I couldn’t think of a better name for this pudding but as many of my recipes seem to be these days, this is the result of a happy accident.

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The girls camped out in the back garden the other night and since we haven’t been camping all summer we decided to make it as close to the real thing for them. They built their own little camp fire in the bucket bbq, and we got out the single burner to cook their dinner on so that they could have the ‘smells’ of camping around them.


BBQ dinner primal chickenAfter a dinner of breakfast sausage patties, fried onions, eggs and leftover salads from the night before, we decided we needed a pudding but one that we could do if we were camping.

After a bit of thought, we remembered we had a couple of vanilla and choc chip donuts left from a batch a couple of days earlier that had firmed up a bit and in a moment of brilliance decided these would likely taste good fried up in a bit of butter and maple syrup. Yes indeed. Brilliant. Thrown into a plate with a handful of bramble berries, just freshly picked and added to the pan at the last minute (to warm through) and a slosh of double cream. Amazing. It was like eating warm chocolate chip brioche, all creamy and buttery with the sweetness and tanginess of the berries. It felt like we were eating something not #primal suffice to say our girls were over the moon. Suffice to say that it was so good and eaten so fast there just wasn’t time for a photo – maybe next time 😉


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