Travelling on a paleo diet … with kids

Last week I took my girls away for a night to a sport’s competition. It meant a four hour drive there and back plus a night away in a hotel.  Man were they excited!  But what to eat!!?? Easy enough when it’s just an adult or two but a little more planning is needed with the kids.

We’ve been paleo for 7 months now so I felt in a much better place to make sure we would be well fed on our travels. We’d had two other long distance car trips in the last seven months so I felt that this time I would have it nailed!!

Past (pre-paleo) long distance car trips have always been managed with lots of snacks… biscuits, fruit bars, sweets, crisps and fruit drinks.  So here’s what I packed this time:

  • Grapes and banana’s
  • Almond flour biscuits (recipe from Real Sustenance – I halved the sugar though)
  • Almond flour Chocolate cupcakes (recipe from one of Elana’s Pantry books)
  • Raisins, dried apricots
  • A mixture of nuts
  • Dark chocolate
  • Mini-cheese blocks (Mature Cathedral)
  • Water

This kept the cherubs (an me!) happy on both legs of this journey. Though I did stop for coffee a couple of times and feel so pleased that most coffee chains have pouring cream to go with my black coffee!!

We drove over the afternoon which meant we had to get dinner down there.  We were staying in Bracknell on the outskirts of London and decided that perhaps the hotel menu just wasn’t going to cut it. A quick look on Google gave us a local pub, The Golden Retriever, who (yeehaa) had the option of sweet potato chips to go with our meal.  Not only that, the pub was a gorgeous old thatched building with low ceilings and exposed wooden beams (sigh – how I love chocolate box England).

Dinner is the easiest meal by far to accommodate for paleo eating when out though we are always on the lookout for good home-cooked style meals rather than cheap and nasty microwaved pub fare. Suffice to say that The Golden Retriever didn’t disappoint and we enjoyed our meats and veg.

The hotel price included breakfast and fortunately included a hot buffet.  We enjoyed some average scrambled eggs, bacon, tomatoes and sausages. Though I have to say that both our girls looked at other guests eating toast and cereal with some longing 🙁 Still it’s only been 7 months and I have to admit that I still love the smell of hot buttered toast.

After the competition, I took the girls to Legoland in Windsor to celebrate their super efforts and again had to make sure that we could eat well enough.  I had plenty of left-over snacks from the drive down and we supplemented these with a midday meal at one of the onsite canteens, veg, salad and hot roast gammon (ham).  Average but filling.

All in all foodie wise it was a success and we proved that we don’t need the sugary car snacks to keep us going on such long journeys.

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