Cheese and Tuna Egg Frittata’s

Especially for Neets!  These have become a new favourite made every week and filled with all sorts of ingredients. Our girls favourite is cheese and tuna and these have become the replacement for sandwiches in their school lunches.

We were never sure what to call these as the non-paleo version that we used to make was called a Cheese and Tuna Flan.  It was the same kind of egg mix with cheese and tuna but within a pastry base.  It was one of our most favourite easy meals and our girls loved it.  However since changing over to a more primal/paleo lifestyle the pastry is out! Banned! And we have happily discovered that we can make these using the little silicone cupcake cases and they form their own base so no pastry is needed and I have to say it isn’t missed! As for calling them frittata’s, this is what our youngest has taken to calling them and we think it must have come from cooking frittata’s for whenever the Spanish F1 GP is on the telly.  It works for us but you can call them what you like.

We’ve also put in variations of bacon, onion, tomato, chorizo, chicken (cooked), leftover meat, grated corgettes and carrots – really you could put in anything.  I do though if I am putting in bacon and onion and anything else I know won’t cook through in 10-15 mins, pre-cook these quickly in my little fry pan.

So here is the recipe for the Cheese and Tuna variety. And apologies for my less than awesome photography!

[gmc_recipe 424]

the urban chicken paleo primal cheese tuna egg tortilla

the urban chicken paleo primal cheese tuna egg tortilla

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