Our new blackboard wall – the Christmas Tree

urban chicken blackboard christmas treeAfter being inspired by a lovely friend on Facebook that had painted the wall underneath their stairs with blackboard paint, I decided ‘Why not?!’ afterall is my house and there is no law that says I couldn’t paint every wall a different colour! So off to the paint shop I went and purchased a tin of blackboard paint, got home, applied masking tape around the edges and off I went.

Two coats later, voila! A blackboard! So using my friend’s chalk Christmas tree as my inspiration, I set about drawing on my own trying to think of as being celebratory and Christmassy icons as possible to decorate my tree with.  The girls and I decided this would be the perfect place for a Christmas countdown and they couldn’t wait until each morning to wipe off yesterday’s number and put on today’s.

I am planning to use the wall to post lovely quotes and sayings on throughout the year and also to help embellish other celebrations like birthdays and Easter!  Who knew drawing on a blackboard could be so much fun!



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