Chicken Wire Leaf Storage Chicken

Reading through a magazine this week, I came across an article with a picture of chicken made from chicken wire.  It looked brilliant and thought our lovely our vege patch would look with a flock of these chickens standing by.  I figured they couldn’t be too hard to make, well too hard to get a sort of chicken shape and believe me I wasn’t expecting it to turn out so well.  So this weekend, I found myself with a couple of spare hours  and a nice sunny afternoon and felt suddenly inspired to sit outside and have a go.  Oh such fun (as Miranda’s mum would say).

urban chicken - chicken wire chicken template

Here’s how I did it.  First I did a quick outline drawing of a chicken shape on a piece of newspaper.  Next I cut a length of chicken wire, had a bit of a struggle to lay it flat (!), and cut a basic chicken shape.  This turned out to be the most tricky part as it was hard to guess how much extra I needed to make it a 3D shape.  So I thought I would finish cutting the shape as I went along.  I used an old pair of scissors to cut the chicken wire and it worked just fine.


urban chicken - chicken wire chickenI started at the bottom and worked my way up to the head first, bending the wire to make the rounded body shape and using the edges of the chicken wire to secure it in place.  I didn’t need to cut additional bits of wire to fasten it together.  I just made sure that all the pointy bits of wire were either pointing inwards of the chicken shape or were completely wrapped about another piece of wire.  It was a slow process but so enjoyable.  Chicken wire although a bit pokey is easy to work with and will bend quite easily where you want it to go.

urban chicken - chicken wire chicken filled with leavesI left an opening at the top of the back of the chicken shape so we had somewhere to shove in all the leaves we had collected.  We thought it would make a great bug hotel as well as creating a decorative container to try and get a bit of leaf mould going from piles of autumn leaves we had collected.

urban chicken - chicken wire chicken filled with leaves

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