Our no-dig garden is working!

our urban chicken no-dig gardenThis weekend while tidying up in the garden we found a rogue potato so decided to chuck it in the last remaining bit of space in our no-dig vege patch. And low and behold to our delight we discovered all of our layers had turned into a lush moist worm filled soil. No trace at all of any of the layers that we had put down to make the vege plot. We both felt really chuffed with ourselves for a minute thinking that we turned this rocky junk and nettle filled patch of land into a plot that was successfully growing some vege, and all with organic and recycled materials. Our first bit of gardening success. However we shan’t rest on our laurels to long as we still need to get our vege plants to a stage where they can be harvested to eat!

In the meantime in a bid to outsmart the birds our girls and Mike have hung up a couple strings of old cds to scare them away from eating our leafy greens. And we’ve planted a whole lot of scented and butterfly enticing flower scents alongside the two vege patches. Quite possibly these have been left to late but we will see.

We were also pleased to see that our apple tree has three tiny baby apples on it! Yeehaa! It’s got to start somewhere and fingers crossed it’s the start of it’s very successful apple producing career. Loving the garden.


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