Perky & Coco the Renegade Urban Chickens

Perky & Coco have become our renegade urban chickens. If there is a chicken being cheeky or a chicken being a little bit naughty you can guarantee it will be one of these two.

A couple of weeks ago, while Mike was leaning over their fence handing out some bread scraps, Coco for reasons unknown took a leap of faith and catapulted herself up onto Mike’s back where she stood for a few moments surveying her kingdom. Mike’s reaction was one of complete surprise as you would imagine but then found himself in the awkward position of having to reach around himself while still in a bent position to remove the chicken from his back.  All I can say at this point is ‘tears of laughter’.

This incident has been closely followed by several more occurrences of random ‘catapultion’ onto various others whose surprise has been just as sudden and just as funny.

Perky has become the flock’s resident daredevil escape artist that whenever they have run low on water or pellets during the day, Perky can be found pecking madly at the back door of our house after leaping and squeezing herself through the vertical decking railings.  To me this just seems truly remarkable. Not only has she been chosen as head spokeschicken for the group but that she manages to defy simple laws of physics by squeezing her plump feathery body through a much narrower gap while simultaneously leaping and hurtling herself forwards.  Where are the chicken olympics because we would have certainly be home to the Gold Medal winner for most skill in leaping and squeezing through unfeasibly narrow gaps!

I wish I had videos or photos of these to post just to provide a moment’s joy to anyone reading this but I imagine I could sit and watch all day and it wouldn’t happen. I’m guessing that like most females they want to maintain some mystery about themselves!


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