No-dig gardens – all planted!!

We had a couple of spare hours this afternoon so we took the opportunity to put all the seedlings into the garden. I have my fingers crossed that we are doing the right thing! Mike has rabbit-proofed most of the fence around the gardens but the ground is so hard and rocky we’re hoping that this will deter them from digging where we haven’t put down the chicken wire.


no dig gardens have been planted

We’ve planted two rows each of onions and garlic, a row of beetroot, a row of leeks, six tomato plants (this is experimental) and one courgette vine. The soil seems to be composting down nicely, both gardens were full of big fat worms so I took that as a good sign.  I have found I’m still the tiniest bit scared of worms, I don’t know why but every worm I found while planting made me shudder.  The girls aren’t bothered by them, nor are the chickens 🙂


building their own see-saws

The girls helped to plant but spent most of their time hammering nails and building their own see-saws.  It bought back memories of my own childhood making things like that in my own back garden with my sisters.  The chickens just scratched about, all trying their best to sneak into the new garden perhaps they want to eat the new plants as well as the rabbits.


Next weekend weather permitting, we’ll put out the plants destined for pots, the potatoes and more tomatoes. Plus I’m going to sew some flower seeds around the gardens. I really hope they grow as they’ll not only look pretty but should smell nice and entice the bees and butterflies.




2 Responses to No-dig gardens – all planted!!

  1. Nicky Payne May 14, 2012 at 10:14 am #

    Looking good I Like the idea of a no dig veg plot, it take ages for me to did over our veg plot every year.

    • Kat June 25, 2012 at 12:58 pm #

      It has worked beautifully, all the plants are growing well, it’s just coping with the birds, bugs and rabbits!!

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