Thin Egg Shells sorted thanks to Tweeps!

The thin shelled eggOn Monday it started, the largest egg out of the six laid that morning sat strangely coloured, half white, half brown with spots in the nest box and upon picking up appeared to have a very thin shell. It felt fragile to touch but didn’t break.  Not so on Tuesday and Wednesday though, the lightest touch made the egg crack in a nice little finger print pattern.  On Thursday it became apparent that the egg couldn’t even survive the laying process and was found cracked open in the nesting box.

What to do?? I had a quick look on the internet and decided to put the problem out on Twitter to see if anyone had any advice.  To my relief a couple of lovely people, @allotment15b and @thecluelesschic replied suggesting to increase the amount of shell that we were giving the chickens.


Fine shell grit for my urban chickens

Not knowing which chicken it was laying the poorly egg, I decided to follow the advice by @thecluelesschic and put a tiny bit of fine shell into a bowl of porridge which they all greedily tucked into on Thursday afternoon. Sure enough on Friday, all the eggs were back to normal!! What would I have done without the internet and the lovely people on Twitter??!!

We are @urbanchickenuk on Twitter…

Porridge made with fine grit for the urban chickens

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