Snow comes to the Urban Chickens

Yee haa the snow arrived on Saturday night. The girls couldn’t wait until the morning to get out in it and we wondered how the chickens would get on. Sunday morning arrived and what a snowfall!!

The girls were straight into snowball fights and building forts while the chickens spent the day figuring out how to cope with the white stuff. Deep enough to completely cover their legs, they spent a lot of time standing on one leg with the other pulled up as high as possible.

urban chickens in the snow

We dug a trench from the coop to the trampoline where there was little snow on the ground and alas no sunshine at all. We spread a bit of straw about as well to keep their feet a little drier. We moved food and water to them and a couple of times during the day had to defrost the water feeders!

urban chickens in the snow

Today we’ve had the time to dig another trench over to the sunny side of the garden and uncover the dust baths under this hedge. We also put down a sparse straw layer to provide some ‘scratching’ opportunities. They are looking much more comfortable today though Roxy and Boo Boo have decided they absolutely do not do snow so have made no attempts at all to go any other place than the places we’ve cleared.

urban chickens in the snow

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