How we fought the battle with the rats in the no-dig garden…

and won??!! They seem to have left the garden along last night so fingers crossed they have moved out.

rats in the no-dig garden

It was obvious that they liked the comfort of the warm straw layers of the gardens and had made a tunnel into each of them. We decided to try a water treatment to see if making their little nest uncomfortable made a difference to whether they stayed or not.

I bought an extension hose from Boyes of all places for only £4.75 for a 15m hose pipe. While carrying it all out the back I managed to slip over in the mud bath that is our back gate! The chickens seemed amused by this little mishap and they run up the garden towards me as I squealed out. I am thinking that perhaps they found the situation very funny especially as the mud under my boots made it hard to stand back up again without rolling across the muddy puddle!

rats in the no-dig gardenAnyway, once stood up and had regained some dignity, I then watered the gardens especially in the areas where the rats had taken home. For good measure I also squirted the hose up the two tunnels. No rats came running out so I was very pleased about this. We’ve done it twice since and it seems there has been no more nest making and the tunnels that we blocked with more straw after the last watering haven’t been touched. Phew! Hopefully they have gotten the message.

Mike is starting on building the fence soon so hopefully this will help discourage any more critters looking for a new home!

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