They’ve found their way onto the decking

Perky looking into the conservatory windowOh our clever birds, they found their way onto the decking, though only Perky and Penny are usually brave enough to attempt it. It was funny this morning to pop out into the conservatory and see their little faces peering in!

They can only just fit between the railings to get up. Boo Boo came up just the once but could not figure out how to get back down made the more funny when the others were given an apple on the other side of the railings. She went crazy trying to find a way, Chloe in between fits of laughter helped her out and put her back with the others.

The wind lately has really loosened the railings around the decking, I think some damage control may be in order soon or else they end up here all the time!  We were trying to keep an area poop free lol.

Mike thinks he’ll have to put netting around the entire decking once he has tightened the railing posts and that will be then too high for them to leap up. Leaping is not one of their favourite pastimes.

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