Stage 2 of our no-dig garden

Well, the rain has held off so we outside in the cold wind ready to put on the top three layers of the no-dig garden.

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getting more straw for our no-dig garden

So today we started by putting down a thin layer of shredded paper and a bit more straw that the chickens had managed to pull off the other two bales of straw that we’d left in the back garden. Who knew chickens were this destructive!!


adding the grass layer to the no dig garden


We also added some lawn clippings to this layer, Mike raced out the front of the house with the lawn mower and mowed the front verge. Luckily there was enough growth to get two containers of grass.



bags of compost for our no-dig garden



We followed this up with bags of compost from a local nursery. It was compost that they created themselves and in the bag it looked dark brown, lumpy but was quite light and fluffy in texture. Millie said why don’t we sieve it using the sieve in the kitchen to get out all the lumps!!



chloe putting the compost in the no-dig garden

our compost for our no-dig garden

We topped the unsieved compost with a layer of our own compost. Mike pulled the compost bin off exposing the decomposing food scraps with the intention to take away the bottom half. He scraped the top half off onto an old tarpaulin and then set about moving the bottom half of the compost onto the gardens.

no-dig garden complete

We were really pleased as our compost was full of worms, hundreds of them!! The chickens were very pleased with a handful of worms for an afternoon snack! We realised that we should have perhaps smashed up the egg shells before we put them onto the compost as these were still quite whole. We will do that from now on.


attempting to water our no-dig garden

We did remember to water between each layer this time but it was difficult as the hose doesn’t reach the gardens so we had to rely on the strong water pressure to get the water over to the gardens. BUT the wind was blowing really hard back in our direction so you can imagine not a great deal of water actually reached the gardens. It looks like there is rain coming though judging by the massive rain clouds in the distance so hopefully they will finish the job for us.

So that’s been raked across the garden and in theory it’s done. Here’s hoping that the rats stay away tonight!!


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