Our baby Boo Boo has laid her first egg!!!

first eggs from the urban chickensEggsciting news – our youngest chicken laid her first egg this morning.

We thought she was acting a little strangely mid morning as she kept squatting in the back garden and puffing herself all up. She then disappeared into the coop and was making such a racket that Mike popped his head into the nesting box to make sure she wasn’t being attacked by a local rodent!

It turned out that she was absolutely scratching up a storm to get the nesting just right for her inaugural egg. She seemed a little miffed that she had been disturbed so returned to the flock outside only to hurriedly race back to the hen house to continue her frantic nesting.

Five minutes later she emerged from the coop and sauntered back to the rest of the chickens and carried on like normal. The girls raced out to the coop and sure enough there sat an egg.

What’s more is that we’ve had an egg every day since Tuesday now. We were fairly certain that it was Roxy but Chloe saw Penny coming out of the coop during the week after which she found an egg in the perching area. Roxy has always laid in the nesting box and this week we’ve had two in the wooden tray under the perches. Fortunately the drop isn’t far enough to break the egg!! So we now think Roxy, Penny and Boo Boo are laying!!

Though at the moment it seems they are taking turns to lay each day, it’s going to be magic when they start laying on the same days!!

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