Where are the eggs??

Our chickens appear to have stopped laying eggs, well when I say chickens I mean chicken lol. Roxy has stopped laying. It’s been a week and no sign of any eggs at all.  We emailed Claire from Brackenholme Banties and she said that only one of her massive flock were laying so it wasn’t surprising that Roxy wasn’t either. She suggested that the chickens may not like the really strong winds we’ve been having lately – well who would blame her. I’m certain that everyone is affected by really blustery and windy days!

urban eggs laying no eggs

Actually thinking back to when we were looking for the right chickens to buy, I remember reading that our Gingernut Rangers on average only lay 300 eggs per year. So that’s a good two months of non egg laying for them. And it makes sense that they would stop laying over the colder months. But we had been getting used to having a nice fresh egg mixed in with our shop eggs each morning for breakfast!


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