Settling in with the Urban Chickens and the Fox

We’re all settling in very nicely. I can’t believe how well behaved our chickens are. I think I expected a lot more mess and a lot more noise but no, they are just lovely. They seem so pleased to see us each morning and any time during the day when we pop out. They come racing down the garden it is hilarious to watch. My guess is that they want to be the first to the possible treat that might be handed out.

And it is so funny how we can hand out small bits of bread and they will all go for the same piece even if there is plenty scattered on the ground around them.

AHHHHH we saw a fox go past the back fence the other day, I haven’t seen it again though. Fingers crossed he can’t be bothered to find his way into our back garden. ¬†Our neighbours up the road also have chickens and have lost two in the past couple of weeks, I haven’t seen their garden so don’t know how it is all set out but they didn’t know if it was a fox or some other little rascal that had taken their chickens.

So far we’ve been able to get out back just minutes after they’ve gone off to roost so they haven’t really been exposed to the dark nights yet. But it won’t be long once we get back into normal school/after school routines next year when they will have some time not secured in the evening in the dark. Roll on summer and lighter evenings!!


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